Pressure Washing Flat Work During the Winter Months

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We are at that time of year where the pressure washing industry is doing two things. Slowing down and moving extremely fast.

For most pressure washing companies, the cold temperatures stop a lot of work and it’s a time to reflect, rest, and prepare for next year.

It’s also that time of year where the “Use it or lose it” budget spending is happening. That is the maintenance budget might have a few extra dollars and the theory which does tend to hold true, is spend it or you will get that much less next year in your maintenance budget. So, what kind of returns can i get that make sense and this is where the quick jobs are happening. As in “I want this done, but has to be now or don’t do it at all.” So, there is still time to add a little extra to your end of year bottom line, and also start off the new year with some new skills.


A lot of our clients use our waterless concrete and asphalt cleaners during the winter months. This is an excellent solution for everyone. Since it works below freezing, it can be applied any time of year and won’t ice over causing a slip hazard like some pressure washing has done.

Find those companies that have the bad looking oil spots, drive thrus, parking areas, gas stations or parking decks. Find out if they have a little extra money to use on improving the safety and appearance of their facilities. Offer to use BIO-DRY patented products and get that extra amount of work. You’ll be impressed by the results and have a new product in your bag of tricks to satisfy your customers.


It’s also a great time to look in to our grass paint. This is a great product to instantly improve the look of a business or a home. This makes for an excellent way to improve the appearance of homes for sale.


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