Oil spill in Driveway? It happens. A lot.

And the problem with oil is it likes to hide and come out to play later.

On a concrete driveway, the oil falls down in to the pores. The pores are like little tunnels and caves, not always up and down. Because of this, The oil gets trapped below the surface where pressure washing does not get, resulting in that ugly dark shadow.

Luckily BIO-DRY is here to help.

Our #1 Driveway Cleaner – The BIO-DRY Driveway Oil Stain Remover is here to help. BIO-DRY products get below the surface to attach to oil and break down the harmful hydrocarbons in to water and CO2.

Over time, the waterless concrete cleaner absorbs the oil. Our specially formulated powder gets down to 5 microns in size to be able to dive deep in to the concrete pores and attack the oil under the surface where pressure washing can’t get to.

With continued use, your stains will become lighter and be gone.

Oil spill in driveway

Don’t wait to get rid of your oil spill in your driveway. The longer you wait to start, the drier the oil will be and the longer it will take to remove the oil shadow.