“I was using another product that didn’t work very well. I purchased some Bio-Dry and discovered I could get almost twice the coverage out of it as well as Bio-Dry performed much better. I’m staying with Bio-Dry.”
Rob Baltimore, MD

“I just wanted to write and let you know how well a small amount of Oil Deleter worked on a large 3 year old oil stain. I was pleased that in a small period of time, a small amount of Oil Deleter reduced the darkness of the large stain. I am thrilled that Oil Deleter doesn’t seem to leave residue behind. I am impressed with the results and am eager to order more of this product.”
Carole in Atlanta

“Bio-Dry is a revolutionary product for servicing our customers in the Banking, Fast Food and Property Management industries. It provides a lasting and cost effective solution to automotive fluid problems on concrete and asphalt in any environment.”
Concrete Cleaning Technologies Inc

“As a power washing company, Bio-Dry has helped cut my labor costs in half and doubled my revenue over the last few years! The uses for Bio-Dry as an alternative to power washing is endless and has increased my customer base.”
JGB Enterprises Inc

“We can no longer take the chance of being fined for violations of State and Local regulations concerning pressure washing. By using Bio-Dry we have saved time, money and have reduced our cleaning frequencies on top of staying compliant.”
C. B. R. E. Memphis TN