The faster, the better.  Without a doubt, that is the most important part. hydraulic leak


Hydraulic Fluid and asphalt have a similar make up chemically.  When you have a hydraulic spill on asphalt, this means they can blend in faster and ultimately tear apart your asphalt if left untreated.


BIO-DRY is here to help with Hydraulic Leaks.


So, what should you do?

First, soak up as much as possible first. Get absorbed whatever you can quickly.  The faster you can get this part accomplished, the shorter the duration for the stain.  Depending on the size of the spill, this may be a paper towel, a towel, or up to including absorption socks or cardboard.  Once saturated, remove and dispose of properly

You are now down to the hard part of the removal.  Without proper treatment, this can last months and in some cases years.  With each passing minute, the asphalt is slowly breaking down.  Rain WILL NOT remove the stain.  

Next, use BIO-DRY’s Special Asphalt Blend Cleaner, order here.  This product is a special formula related to our concrete cleaner and is made for spills instead of just repetitively soiled areas.

Add Bio-Dry Special Blend Cleaner to the area and spread around.  If it absorbs and turned dark black, you can remove the product to help speed up the process.  The product can absorb up to 100% of it’s body weight and this will slowly happen over time, using emulsification to break away from the asphalt and bacteria to bio-remediate the fluid.

In some cases, it is best to use a stiff brush if available to help work the Asphalt Special Blend in to the hydraulic fluid.

Normally at least three applications are needed, spread a week apart.  If you see absorbed areas, you can reapply in that area sooner.


This is a great product and is a secret cities are using for garbage truck line breaks.

The product can be used on oil, grease, gasoline, deisel, hydraulic fluid and many more stains.


Order BIO-DRY Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner

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