Waterless Concrete Driveway Oil Stain Remover – 1 lb

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America’s #1 Concrete Oil Remover for Driveways

⭐ SAY GOODBYE TO STUBBORN STAINS – It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with engine and mineral oils, automotive fluids, gasoline or diesel, our waterless grease eater is formulated to remove them all.

⭐ KEEP YOUR DRIVEWAY SAFE – A slippery floor due to oil and gasoline spills is basically a lawsuit waiting to happen. Our patented, specially formulated oil remover effectively eliminates this risk.
⭐ CLEAN UP ANYTIME – It doesn’t matter if you’re cleaning during a drought or in sub-zero temperatures, our waterless grease solvent is guaranteed to work even in the harshest of environments
⭐ CARE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT – You don’t have to resort to pressure washing to remove oil stains from concrete. Our time-driven microbial formula requires no use of water, making it an effective yet environmentally friendly cleaning solution.
⭐ GET MORE VALUE FOR MONEY – Each pound of our potent waterless oil stain remover spreads up to 400 sq. ft of concrete.
Easy to Use and takes only minutes
1. Sprinkle powder and cover oil stained area.
2. Brush the product back and forth, working it into the pores of the concrete and the oil stain.
3. Repeat weekly as necessary.
Product Description
Tired of dealing with stubborn oil and gasoline stains and spills on your concrete driveway and floors? Aside from making your driveway unsightly, oil spills and stains on your driveway and floors can also be dangerous, not only to you and your family but also to your pets. Aside from the hazardous fumes certain chemicals emit, greasy substances can make your floors super slippery. All these, of course, expose you to the risks of physical injuries, health issues and, at times, lawsuits. Wouldn’t it be better to have an easy way to keep your driveway clean and safe for both your family and your friends? Effortlessly remove stubborn oil stains, gasoline and grease with the Bio-Dry Waterless Driveway Concrete Cleaner! With a patented time-driven microbial formula, our waterless degreaser effectively works to break down and remove oils, automotive fluids and other types of harmful hydrocarbon stains and spills from concrete floors. Our cleaner comes in the form of dry and absorbent ultrafine powder, which only requires minutes of application. Our formula works deep into the pores of the concrete, safely breaking down oil, grease, hydraulic fluid, and any other stains. In addition, our dry solution provides lasting protection against grease and oil build-up so you don’t have to clean as often. Finally, you can use it anywhere and under any weather conditions, even during times of drought or in areas with sub-zero temperatures.
More reasons to try our potent, waterless concrete cleaner:
⭐ Up to 400 sq. ft. of coverage per bag
⭐ Super easy application
⭐ Environmentally friendly formulation
⭐ Microbial ultra-fine powder material – Unsightly concrete surfaces don’t have to be part of your driveway.
Choose America’s #1 oil eating bacteria concrete cleaner today.
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