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Bio-Dry® Cleaning products are designed to reduce the binding capacity of grease and oil on concrete and asphalt through the use of our patented cleaning agents and micro-organisms. Through a dual chemical process Bio-Dry® emulsifies and molecularly deactivates contaminants leaving your facilities clean with consistent use.

Since the product is a dry powder it also protects and conditions the concrete and asphalt. The next drop of oil from a leaking car is immediately attacked by the product instead of soaking into your facility. Stain reduction as well as immediate visual satisfaction are added benefits of the product that cannot be accomplished with pressure washing.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is becoming more stringent with companies who do not follow the correct procedures when dealing with the environment. The Laws and Regulations of discharging waste water into the storm drains have become stricter. Storm drains are owned by the City, so every City must approve of the discharge of water. All storm drains lead to State rivers and creeks, therefore, the EPA and the State have the final say and jurisdiction.

  • In most states, if you are going to wash any concrete or asphalt surfaces with water you must file with the State for a permit that allows you to let the discharge water enter into the storm drain.
  • You must keep accurate records and have your waste water tested at a laboratory on a monthly basis.
  • In order to stay within compliance with the EPA, 100% of waste water needs to be captured before entering the storm drain and removed to a waste water treatment facility.

Bio-remediation is a process that uses naturally occurring micro-organisms to transform harmful substances to non-toxic compounds. Micro-organisms, like all living organisms, need carbon, energy and nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphate and trace metals to survive. Many species of soil bacteria, for example, use petroleum hydrocarbons as a food/energy source, transforming them into harmless substances consisting mainly of carbon dioxide, water and fatty acids. Bio-remediation harnesses this natural process by promoting the growth of microbes that can effectively degrade specific contaminants (e.g., petroleum and food based oil and grease) and convert them to non-toxic products.

The advantages of Bio-Dry:

  • Keeps you compliant–Meets all standards for Storm Water Runoff and Section 301 of the Clean Water Act.
  • Saves you money–Bio-Dry is less expensive than other cleaning processes.
  • Improve your image–Bio-Dry looks better and last longer.

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