BIO-DRY Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Features:

  • 10% Commission
  • 365 day cookie retention
  • Free membership via sign up below
  • The industry leader in safe exterior cleaning and image improvement
  • Quick response time for affiliate support
  • Market all products with banners, links, product feeds and more and earn commissions today!

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Do you have a website or blog? The BIO-DRY affiliate program gives you access to one of the leading brands in the waterless oil stain removal and additional cleaning and appearance improvement industry, making it easy to earn cash. You’ll have the power to market our unique and niche oil stain removal products, lawn & garden products, cleaning products and supplies using the tools made available through our affiliate network and BIO-DRY’s marketing team.


How Affiliate Marketing Works:

You supply links to BIO-DRY products.

Customers click links and purchase items on BIO-DRY’s website

Products and shipments run through BIO-DRY

You receive a commission check with no additional work.


Program Benefits

As a member of the BIO-DRY Affiliate Program, you’ll be treated as a part of our marketing team. With unique environmentally friendly products to market and sell on your site from the Internet’s leading waterless concrete cleaner manufacturer, you’ll be ready to earn commissions in no time!


  • 10% Commission
  • 365 day cookie retention
  • Free membership via sign up
  • The powerful draw of promoting products that save residential and commercial customers hundreds of dollars
  • The industry leader in simple to use, watereless oil stain cleaners for concrete and asphalt
  • Quick response time for affiliate support
  • Custom creative requests welcome!
  • A wide variety of text link ads, including custom text link ads
  • Allow ability to have cloaked links specific to you, your area, or sector
  • Product data feeds
  • Easy Paypal Payments and ability to track your progress
  • Shorter locking period (so you get paid faster)


How to Sign Up

Please allow 5-7 business days for approval as we manually approve all applications. All advertising intentions, including which domains you plan to place our ads on, must be made known to our affiliate manager before your program can be approved.

Disclaimer: All affiliates will be required to read and adhere to the BIO-DRY Affiliate Program Agreement found within the BIO-DRY program.

If you would like more information, please contact: