New to the idea of Painting Grass?

It doesn’t seem like a business, but Americans spend almost $30 billion each year to have beautiful lush green lawns and be the envy of their neighbors. These methods can include special mowers, lawn services companies, specialty mowers, fertilizers, specialty tools and equipment, sprinkler systems and of course water bills.

So, how does Lawn Paint play in to this?

Instant GREEN Gratification

Lawn Paint 2

At BIO-DRY, we sell only non-toxic, non-nitrogen based lawn paint. TURN IT GREEN is safe for pets, people, and your grass. Spray on, let it dry and enjoy. Your grass can still grow naturally with sunlight still getting to each grass blade.

So, who might be interested?

Mr. Jones – as in keeping up with the Joneses. The guy that has to be the first, best and source of all envy. This person is not interested in brown grass from drought or winter.

The Realtor / house seller – Curb appeal is a main selling point for homes. In some markets it can increase value by 4-10% and is the first impression a buyer gets of a home. A beautiful uniform green lawn helps start the selling process for many.

HOAs – some HOAs require their members to maintain lawns and keep lawns green during season or year round.

Water Bill Recipients – During dry times, running sprinklers to keep the grass remotely green can cost a fortune. We have seen water bills climb to over $500 for a single month will no rain.

Droughts – In some places water use for lawns is restricted. During that time, there is no other easy choice to maintain the appearance of the lawn.

Businesses – Businesses looking to impress clients or attract customers. We know of one company that would hire landscaping firms to add new plants before clients would show up. Certainly splotchy grass is a far bigger concern. Or ask us about mulch paint and pond colorant as well.

Turn It Green Difference Up Close

How much can I make spraying lawns?

So, that’s a broad question and depends on a lot of factors. Are you spraying open fields like a golf course, or are you spraying Ms. Betty’s lawn with 5,000 gnomes in it?

Generally speaking, we see prices anywhere from $0.10 to $0.50 a square foot and even higher when the area is smaller and more difficult. We can work with you to see about setting prices in your area. Specifically, the mowing cost of a yard, the size of lawns, laws, average income and water costs are typically good indicators to see if it works. After that, see if it makes sense. Usually in the $100-$350 range is a good area to be.

And for areas where lawns go dormant during the winter and the mowing community is out of luck, this is a great add on to continue your revenue stream year round. In some cases, we see companies pickup additional lawns during mowing season from having contacted them during the dormant months.

Ok, what tools do I need to get started?

The cost is really dependent on you and your time. While a gallon pump sprayer can be used, we recommend starting with at least a backpack sprayer. Other options can involve a battery powered cart and up to a skid sprayer set up similar to a pest control truck. Don’t worry, we can help walk you through this part as needed.

Outside of that you really only need water and some rags or cardboard to use as a border blocker. Since it is a concentrate, you’ll need to carry water or have access to water depending on what your are spraying and how large it is.

Ultimately you can be up and running for less than the price of your first job. After that, its just a lot of profit.

What else should I know about it?

Don’t use it on wet grass or about to be wet grass. The application needs to be on dry grass and have time to dry. Morning dew or immediate rain will cause the paint to wash off.

Be mindful of wind. When applying a fine mist, the wind can carry it and end up applying it other places. No your limits.

The turf paint typically lasts about 2-3 months. That means the color will stay for around that long if nothing else happens. Snow, rain, etc. are fine. However grass that grows and gets cut will obviously cut off the top painted part and shorten your time.

The paint is safe once dry. It’s safe when wet too, but just makes a big mess. Drying times can vary, since 100 degrees and 40 degrees is not the same drying time. Take in to consideration shade and other factors. Drying times can be as short as 10 minutes since it is a fine mist.

This is very similar to wall paint in the regards that it will cover other materials. if you get it on a walkway or somewhere else, use warm soapy water and rags immediately. DO NOT continue and come back. Address immediately and you will be okay. Wait and you are working 100x harder. This is why cardboard and rags for borders are good.

Don’t walk through it or drag equipment. Leave yourself an exit. Typically the border is sprayed first, so don’t go the entire way around with it.

An easy route for borders may include bringing an edger to create a cardboard slot between the lawn and the driveway or sidewalk.

Turn It Green Bottle Image

When should I start?

Today. While the technology is nearly perfect, the industry is still in an early stage. That can be great for you. That means little competition and the chance to market yourself as the expert company in your area. Even when competition arrives that is not a bad thing. With competition comes a comfortable feeling of customers who were on the fence. As more people become customers, others will follow.

Where can I buy some of this TURN IT GREEN paint to get started?

You can buy 4×1 gallons of concentrate here: TURN IT GREEN 4×1 Gallon Concentrate

As you get in to more customers, call or email us to discuss larger options.

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Have a question on how to get started or other areas, contact us at to find out more.