95% of customers say the exterior appearance is important in their selection of a place to shop


Gas Stations make money from sales in the store, not at the pump




The BIO-DRY Drive Program was started to Drive Appearance, Drive Safety, Drive Customers and most importantly Drive Revenues.

Drive Appearance – The appearance of your business speaks volumes of the quality of what you offer. You should have an appearance that sets you apart and above the competition. 95% of customers say the exterior appearance is important in their selection of where to shop.Gas Station Cleanerphoto8

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Drive Safety – Millions of dollars are paid each year due to negligent maintenance. More than one million people go to the emergency room due to Slip and Fall accidents. Did you know a gas pump has over 10,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat?
Drive Customers – Inviting businesses bring in more customers. In fact, 52% of customers have avoided a business completely because it looked dirty from the outside. Poor cleanliness presents the idea of questionable quality and safety.IMG 20190603 164137803 HDR 1IMG 20190603 165318486 HDR 1
Drive Revenues Implementing an exterior cleaning and improvement plan can increase revenues by as much as 10% in some areas. There are no sales when the customer passes on the location due to how it looks. Add in the fact that most people will continue to visit the same places over and over and that revenue begins to add up quickly.
  • Save thousands of dollars each year by cleaning with your current staff during idle time.
  • It’s simple to incorporate in to any business at any location.
  • Training is easy and provided and customer service is always available to help you.
  • Create a path of cleanliness and safety to your profit zone. Get potential customers from the pump to the register.