If you want to take the hassle out of drive-thru maintenance and get rid of those stubborn stains, our team at Bio-Dry is ready to help.

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Have you noticed that the drive-thru at your restaurant has unsightly oil stains? Does your banking drive-thru lane have stains that need to be removed? When you provide a drive-thru as a convenient service for your customers, you know that drive-thru maintenance becomes inevitable. You want the drive-thru to reflect well on your business and therefore keep your customers coming back.



At Bio-Dry, we can help you maintain your good image with our drive-thru maintenance service, which is designed to get rid of those unwanted stains and keep your business looking its best.

At Bio-Dry, our professionals use environmentally friendly Bio-Dry products to help make your drive-thru maintenance efficient and easy. So, how do our products work?

  • Absorb – Upon application, Bio-Dry absorbs the compounds in oil and other staining solutions, which frees them from the area on which they are resting. This is the perfect initial attack on those stubborn stains on your concrete and other hard surfaces.
  • Emulsify – Once the stains are forced away from your concrete and asphalt surfaces, the liquids are then emulsified for easier removal – often as simple as sweeping them away. This provides quick, long-lasting results when it comes to drive-thru maintenance.
  • Remediate – Bio-Dry doesn’t require the use of water and deactivates harmful hydrocarbons, making it the perfect bio-remediation solution. Our products are designed to keep you EPA compliant while providing an environmentally friendly approach to removing and protecting against stains.

If you want to take the hassle out of drive-thru maintenance and get rid of those stubborn stains, our team at Bio-Dry Services is ready to help. Our goal is to provide the products and services you need to ensure your business looks its best and enjoys long-term protection. Whether you are in banking, fast food, property management or any other customer-facing industry, you will love the results when you work with us at Bio-Dry .


Contact us to get started at business@bio-dry.com

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