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Did you know our waterless cleaners work below freezing?  Oil and other hydrocarbons do not freeze, so they can continue to be absorbed and broken down by our cleaners while using water creates a dangerous slippery environment.


No Water? No Problem.  BIO-DRY Wateless Concrete and Asphalt Cleaners do not use any water.


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What is Bio-Dry?

Bio-Dry makes waterless concrete and asphalt cleaners for oil and other harmful hydrocarbon stains.  A time driven process safely and easily removes stains.

Our products use:

Absorption/Adsorption – Soaking in up to 100% of the product weight

Emulsification – Breaking the oils, fluids and other hydrocarbon chains away from the concrete or asphalt

Good Bacteria – We use Bacteria, not just enzyme.  Enzymes typically only last a few hours.  Our bacteria continues to create colony forming units for over a week when activated by oil and other hydrocarbons to feast until broken down in to water and CO2.

What can I expect on my stain?  See for yourself how Bio-Dry Works

How Easy is it?

For most stains, the product can be applied in under 5 minutes. Add product to the area and broom the material in to the stain and work back and forth until absorbed or pushed in to the pores.  If the stain becomes black, it has absorbed as much as it can.  Simply add more product.  For tougher stains, see our videos page to learn more.

Driveway Oil Stain Remover

How can Bio-Dry help me get rid of ugly harmful oil stains?

We have two ways to help you:

For those interested in using our products to improve your facilities or homes, you can purchase our Bio-Dry waterless concrete and asphalt cleaners through our products division.  We are on hand to help you get the most effective cleaning of oil stains.  Call or contact us now for assistance in purchasing our products.  Already know what you want?  Purchase our cleaners here: Concrete Cleaners

Our Service Department can handle the oil stain cleaning duties of your facilities in off hours so you don’t have to pay overtime to handle these problems.  Our trained professional staff works hard to give you the most effective cleaning while improving the image of your facility.  We specialize in drive thru lanes.  Don’t let your appearance drive away your customers.

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Did you know Bio-Dry can help with hydraulic fluid spills?

Our Special Asphalt Blend cleaner is designed to help re-mediate those harmful and unsightly hydraulic fluid spills.  Sanitation departments and maintenance companies are having great results.  Don’t get caught being unprepared for that inevitable hose break.  Order our Special Asphalt Blend Cleaner now!

What People are Saying About Bio-Dry

“Our guys love this stuff and told me to get more.” – Andrew

“Five gallons of spilled diesel, gone.  Thanks BIO-DRY!” – Alison

“Our company was amazed at how well it did and how much better our grounds look for visitors.” – Michael

“I’ve only heard great reviews.  People are like, Wow that looks so good.” – Rena.

“If these guys figure out how easy it is to use, I may end up losing a big part of my business” – Bob


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