Please note that Hurricane Florence is expected to affect our area in the next few days.  Shipments and business hours may be affected starting Wednesday September 12th.  We will make all efforts to respond immediately during this time.

UPDATE: We made it through hurricane Florence!  Power and internet are back.  While we made it through with only minor damage, many others in our area did not.  Please continue to keep them in your thoughts.  We expect to be able to resume shipping immediately.

UPDATE 2: Most shipping services have resumed in the area.  We apologize for any delays, although we no longer expect any delays at this time.  Major routes (with detours) are open and rivers cresting in the area have now hit their peaks, which will continue to open more routes.  Thank you for your assistance during this time.  We remain committed to our wonderful customers and our community. BIO-DRY will be offering volunteer help during this time of rebuilding our wonderful community.  This WILL NOT affect the timely service we provide and will be completed in off hours. 

How can Bio-Dry help me get rid of ugly harmful oil stains?

We have two ways to help you:

Our Service Department can handle the oil stain cleaning duties of your facilities in off hours so you don’t have to pay overtime to handle these problems.  Our trained professional staff works hard to give you the most effective cleaning while improving the image of your facility.  We specialize in drive thru lanes.  Don’t let your appearance drive away your customers.

Request a Free Estimate Now !

For those interested in using our products to improve your facilities or homes, you can purchase our Bio-Dry waterless concrete and asphalt cleaners through our products division.  We are on hand to help you get the most effective cleaning of oil stains.  Call or contact us now for assistance in purchasing our products.  Already know what you want?  Purchase our cleaners here:  Concrete Cleaners


Did you know Bio-Dry can help with hydraulic fluid spills?

Our Special Asphalt Blend cleaner is designed to help re-mediate those harmful and unsightly hydraulic fluid spills.  Sanitation departments and maintenance companies are having great results.  Don’t get caught being unprepared for that inevitable hose break.  Order our Special Asphalt Blend Cleaner now!