Oil Stains on pavers has always been a problem and used to be a job best left to the experts. The oil stains have actually penetrated the surface of the pavers and require a deeper clean. The good news is that you don’t have to replace your pavers, as removing the oil stain is possible if you know the steps to follow.


The number one step in saving your pavers is:

#1. It is important that you remove the oil as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming a permanent stain.

If you are reading this, you probably have skipped this important step either by choice, or by the fact you didn’t know about it until you walked up and saw it days later. Never fear. There is still hope.

So, once you know you have oil stains on pavers, what do you do?

First, test to see if there is any additional surface oil left on. Grab a paper towel or other absorbent pad and press firmly on the area. Better yet, put it down and stand on it. You may be able to get more and the more oil that can be removed, the better.

What happens, especially with oil stains on pavers is that the oil drains down in to the pores of the paver. As the paver is made, air pockets escape and form amazing tiny caves and tunnels. What this means for you is the oil is then able to drop down in to these tunnels. The result is an oil stain that can be seen, but not touched. As the oil dries, the paver material is stained and the liquid version of the oil is gone.


At this point, getting below the surface is the most important step. Something a pressure washer will not be able to sufficiently do, plus the pressure will chip away a thin layer each time it is used.

Instead, using the BIO-DRY Waterless Concrete Cleaner is your best bet to get to the oil stain. Our waterless cleaners get down to 5 microns in size allowing them to drop down and get packed in to the tiny tunnels where the oil is hiding. The waterless cleaner works to break away from the surface the stain and absorb and break down the oil stain.

Oil Stain on Pavers





Using BIO-DRY’s Waterless concrete cleaner is a simple process.

Apply the waterless cleaner to the oil stains on pavers.

Apply pressure to help push the waterless cleaner deeper into the tunnels where the oil is hiding.

Don’t rinse off or remove unless the waterless cleaner is fully absorbed with oil. You will know if the color darkens. (Don’t mistake rain or morning dew for this, it will dry back out)

Continue to apply BIO-DRY waterless cleaners weekly as needed until your stain disappears. The number of treatments depends on the age and depth of your stains, but you should see a lightening of color with each treatment. Each treatment should only take seconds to minutes to complete.


BIO-DRY makes safe easy to use waterless cleaners for concrete and asphalt. The Concrete cleaner is your best option to use on pavers and is the same waterless cleaner in our Driveway Oil Stain Remover. Depending on the color of your pavers, our cleaner may temporarily give a whiter or brighter appearance, but will remove with time. BIO-DRY’s cleaners are safe for people, pets, and the environment, so there is no reason to worry about using our products. We combine micronized absorption with break away surfactants and good bacteria that breaks down oil and other harmful hydrocarbons in to water and CO2.