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BIO-DRY Waterless Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner

BIO-DRY Waterless Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner is the perfect solution to hydraulic leaks and other spills left on streets. 

The patented time drive microbial formula absorbs, emulsifies and bioremediates the oil and other harmful hydrocarbons on asphalt while protecting and providing a rich uniform coat.

BIO-DRY Waterless Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner protects, cleans and covers.

Uses a specialized formula to absorb, emulsify and microbially break down oil and other hydrocarbons.

Used By:

Environmental Response Companies

City and Town Solid Waste and Sanitation Departments

Crash Site Clean Up Companies

Garbage, Trash, and Recycling Companies

Local Municipalities

Construction Companies

Residential Home Builders

Heavy Machinery Service Companies


Recommended Uses

Hydraulic Spills

Diesel Leaks

Oil Leaks

Parking Lots


& more


·         Use at any temperature, even below freezing

·         Apply and leave formula

·         Continues to work after you leave

·         Spreads up to 400 sq ft per pound

·         Breaks down oil and hydrocarbons safely

·         No water needed

·         No expensive tools or equipment

Technical Data

·         pH Neutral

·         Eco-Friendly

·         Ultra-Fine material (5 microns in size)

·         Bacteria Infused


45 lb Container

8 lb Container

Hydraulic Fluid Leak

Hydraulic Leak cleaned with Bio-Dry Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner
Hydraulic Fluid Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner

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