Bio-Dry Concrete Cleaner 8 Pound Bucket

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The best concrete cleaner that’s easy to apply and environmentally friendly. Remove oil stains, protect against oil drips, and maintain your cement floor.


Are oil stains a problem for your concrete?

Losing customers because of your appearance?

Worried about lawsuits from someone slipping on an oil slick?

Don’t get caught pressure washing oil down a storm drain. Use Bio-Dry Waterless Concrete Cleaner to safely breakdown oil, grease, diesel, gasoline, hydraulic fluid and much more.

Applies in minutes

Uses no water – can be used during a drought.

Can be used below freezing temperatures.


How to Use Bio-Dry Waterless Concrete Cleaner

  • Scrape any standing gum or other debris on affected area using heavy wire brush or scraper.
  • Remove any heavy condensation or water with blower or soak it up with rags.
  • Scrape up excess build up on heavy oil spill areas.
  • Use wire brush on the remaining heavy oil spots with a small amount of Bio-Dry® and remove residue and dispose appropriately. Because water is not used it is important to wire brush any standing mud or dirt build up throughout the area.
  • Remove any debris around the area to be cleaned. Either by sweeping or using a blower.
  • Spread Bio-Dry® down the center of the area.
  • Sweep Bio-Dry® from side to side then up and down the area to ensure coverage to the entire area. Sweep any excess Bio-Dry® into the oil stains as needed. When the stains turn white, they have been saturated and the oil will begin to break down. Any excess Bio-Dry® left on these areas will ensure that the stains will continue to be treated after the application.
  • Repeat weekly if possible until gone.


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