We hear it all the time and you say it all the time. Those magical words – I wish I could start my own business, but I can’t leave my day job right now. When the opportunity presents itself, the next line is usually “I can’t afford to start a business”. What most people are looking for is known as a transition business or a side business.

If you look at franchises, they often require $100,000 or more to start, plus most states require a 2 week mandatory training period. Who is really able to take two weeks off from a job without fear of losing your job?

Bio-Dry can provide you everything you want and need to start your new business today.


Imagine keeping your day job (for now) and also starting your dream of owning your own business. We can help that dream become a reality of starting your new side business.


So what is Bio-Dry?

Bio-Dry concrete and asphalt cleaners are environmentally friendly cleaners used to breakdown oil and grease stains in a harmless manner while improving the appearance of the location. The application is simple usually taking less than an hour and many tools required are already in your garage or shed.

Imagine keeping your day job, and working an extra couple of hours each work day to bring home another $1,000 each week. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not for the motivated business owner.


Okay, I’m interested, but who could I even target and is there even enough places needing this service?

Think of it this way. Almost everywhere you drive has asphalt or concrete. Did you know there are over 115,000 gas stations in the United States? If that can’t keep you busy, then how about the over 2 billion parking spaces? Think about it. Everywhere you go, you see unsightly harmful oil stains.

Did you know according to a 2011 study, 95% of shoppers said the exterior appearance is an important part of their selection of where to shop and 52% have avoided a place altogether because the outside looked dirty?


So, how can I get started?

Watch our videos here: Video Page to see how easy it is to clean.

Then, contact us here: Contact Page and let us know you are interested

We’ll help you order the right items, offer advice and help you get ready to start your new life.

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