#1 Hydraulic Fluid Leak Help

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Are hydraulic fluid leaks getting you calls from angry customers? Sooner or later it happens regardless of how perfect your maintenance is on your trucks. That’s why hydraulic fluid stop leak and hydraulic oil stop leak are searched hundreds of times each month.

While it can be potentially dangerous if a lift is not possible due to leaking hoses, it also causes another problem: Angry customers

Repairing a hydraulic hose is just part of the problem and sometimes the easier of the two. The other problem is determining how to get rid of that ugly stain your customer has to see every single day. Not to mention you don’t really want to be known as the guy who contaminated a water supply from run off.

Choose Bio-Dry Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner – the #1 hydraulic fluid stain remover on the market

So, what do you do about your hydraulic fluid leak on the street?

1, Assess how much has spilled? Are we taking drips or are we taking spills or gallons?

2. For drips, skip this step. For a larger spills, find a cheap absorbent to remove as much as possible. The sooner the better. You will never get as much as you think.

3 Apply Bio-Dry Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner to the stained area. This can happen at any point after the spill from hours to weeks. A second application may be needed later.

For a more thorough instruction process for using Bio-Dry Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner watch the video below:

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