How to get oil out of concrete

This is a question that is searched by thousands of people trying to find out what to do in a panic. And with good reason. Oil is a nasty substance that can destroy concrete, pollute water, create slip hazards, be tracked to other areas and decrease property values.

So, how do you get rid of oil stains on concrete?

Luckily, it’s a simple process that anyone can follow.

how to get oil out of concrete

Steps on how to get oil out of concrete

Step 1: Absorb what you can NOW. The longer it sits, the more it covers and the worse it gets. Did you just knock over an oil container? Grab towels, cheap absorbents or even old sponges. Get rid of any excess oil in the way.

Step 2: Apply one of BIO-DRY’s Waterless Concrete Cleaners. This product comes in 1 pound, 8 pound and 45 pound containers. Depending on the area to cover will help determine what is needed. Spread the powder on the area and work the product into the oil stain and into the concrete. DON’T sweep, instead try to push the product in to the stain and pores of the concrete. We are trying to get down below the surface where the oil has dropped.

Step 3: Repeat the BIO-DRY waterless concrete cleaner application process. It is best to apply weekly or if the product becomes saturated with oil. Saturation will look darker and should be scrubbed out with a brush if possible. Repeated applications will help to get to lower areas in the concrete where pressure washing and other methods can’t reach.

Step 4: Finish off the stain with BIO-DRY Waterless Concrete Cleaner and Acetone. This is the very last step and should be used only if needed after weeks of applications. it is best to perform when the temperatures are lower to allow the acetone to stay in contact with oil stains longer. Pour a very small amount of acetone (nail polish remover available at dollar stores) on to the stain and let sit. If it dries too fast, apply a small amount of additional acetone. Before it is dry, apply teh BIO-DRY Waterless Concrete Cleaner on top and again, push in to the concrete pores and stain. The acetone will be absorbed by the powder along with additional loose oil particles.

What else should I know about how to get oil out of concrete?

Oil stains happen in an instant, but can take days or weeks to correct.  Just like a storm can damage a house, but replacing it takes time.  Be patient with the process.

Oil stains can be extremely difficult to remove due to the makeup of concrete.  As concrete dries, pores open and look similar to tunnels.  That means some may go sideways, which is why additional applications are important.

Remove the source of the oil stain.  If it is a dripping car, get it fixed.  Addition more oil only makes it worse.

BIO-DRY’s Waterless Concrete Cleaners get down to 5 microns in size.  That helps get to places other products can’t.

BIO-DRY’s Waterless Concrete Cleaners contain bacteria, not just enzymes.  That means they continue to break down oil for days after application.

BIO-DRY’s Waterless Concrete Cleaner is a great product to use as a protectant.  By applying before problems, many pores are ready for oil and other hydrocarbons and is used in many commercial applications.

BIO-DRY’s Waterless Concrete Cleaner is an excellent and quick way to clean and improve the safety and look of commercial areas like bank drive thrus, food drive thrus, gas stations, dumpster pads, parking decks and more.

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