Is your Neighborhood a Mess from Leaking Trucks

Hydraulic leaks are at an all time high right now. Warm weather, limited “essential” maintenance performed in recent months and a need to continue out of date equipment. This adds up to a lot of people sitting at home seeing the hydraulic hose leaks in front of their house.

What happens? As a hose deteriorates and the fluid warms, it gets thinner and escapes when pressure is applied. Primarily we see this from garbage trucks. However, anything using hydraulics such as tree cutting, pressure washing, cable repairs, power companies and more can at a moment’s notice have a hose start leaking and often times don’t know.


Bio-Dry’s Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner is designed to go on waterless to remediate and remove these leaks on asphalt roads and streets. HOAs use this product often due to it’s effectiveness and ease of use.


Check out our Bio-Dry Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner in 45 pound container and 8 pound bucket today.

Hydraulic Leak cleaned with Bio-Dry Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner
Hydraulic Fluid Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner