Fast Food Drive Thru Cleaning is Cheaper and Faster Than You Think

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Bio-Dry provides easy to use waterless cleaners for concrete and asphalt among other cleaning products. Given recent COVID-19 shutdowns, many quick serve restaurants have seen a dramatic increase in drive thru traffic. While this is good, drive thru areas are becoming dirtier by the minute and with many people not allowed or fearful to enter in to these restaurants, the outside appearance of your restaurant may be the difference between making a sale and being passed by.

Fortunately, Bio-Dry’s products are easy to use and cheaper than you may think. Instead of paying a contractor to come clean, a member of the staff can clean the drive thru lanes 1 to 2 times per week to keep a fresh and safe environment for the restaurant. With our easy to use broom in product, a drive thru lane is typically cleaned in less than 10 minutes and typically in under 5 minutes. By providing a routine schedule, build up is stopped making cleanings easier and easier.

With a cleaner appearance, quick serve restaurants see an improvement in sales and an increase in profits usually without seeing an increase in labor costs.

Find our products for cleaning your quick serve restaurant here at Bio-Dry