Packaged in easy-to-use containers, our patented green cleaning products attack petroleum-based stains and protect against future spills and stains.


Concrete Cleaner 8 Pound Auto Shop Bucket


Concrete Cleaner 45 Pound Contractor Box

Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner 45 Pound Container (Bag)


Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner 8 Pound Container

We know you will love working with us at Bio-Dry because you will save money, be EPA compliant, and easily improve the appearance of your business. At Bio-Dry Services, we are your oil stain experts, and we have the waterless products and services you need.

  • Bio-Dry Waterless Concrete Cleaner
  • Bio-dry Waterless Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner
  • Bio-dry Oil Eliminator (pretreatment)

Our waterless concrete and asphalt cleaners are engineered to clean, protect, and condition your surfaces.

One pound of Bio-Dry concrete cleaner cleans up to 400 square feet. Bio-Dry looks better and last longer than pressure washing. Contact us at Bio-Dry Services today to learn more about which products and service will best meet your needs.

Bio-Dry vs Pressure Washing


  • Safe for the surface and substrate
  • Does not damage any surface caulking or paint
  • No water needed
  • Cleans deep in the surface and attracts the oils
  • Meets all EPA guidelines for CWA
  • Cleans without water using molecular chemistry
  • Lasts longer and looks better immediately
  • Stain reduces with regular cleaning
  • Costs less than pressure washing
  • Repels gum and other debris because it leaves a residual amount on surface
  • Uses simple and easy to use equipment
  • Primarily cleans grease and oil then repels other contaminants

Pressure Washing

  • Damages surface of concrete
  • Blasts out expansion joints
  • Uses Water as a medium
  • Only cleans the surface
  • Potential EPA runoff issues
  • Cleans with chemicals
  • Area returns to same appearance quickly
  • Stain remains and gets bigger if not cleaned regularly
  • More expensive
  • New debris and gum sticks immediately
  • Uses heavy equipment
  • Does clean other contaminants and marks