A Concrete Degreaser may not be what you need

At Bio-Dry, we have a little different way of looking at things. Most importantly, our concrete and asphalt cleaners are dry. Everyone has the same thought of how do you clean with a dry product. Typically we ask people to look at their best clothes. Maybe it’s the wedding dress or that killer suit. In those cases, you are normally dry cleaning instead of throwing them in the washing machine. That is the same concept when it comes to cleaning concrete in some cases.


Our concrete cleaner is specifically made to draw oil out of concrete using absorption, emulsification and bacteria to safely break it down. This keeps the concrete “cream” in tact and keeps from blasting out expansion joints and other fragile concrete areas.


More importantly, our product helps to fill in the pores of the concrete, making it denser so less other items can get down in the pores to make it dirty or destroy the makeup. By getting below the surface, Bio-Dry’s waterless concrete cleaner can help get oil, diesel, gasoline, grease and other harmful hydrocarbons where water and degreasers can’t reach.


There are plenty of times when pressure washing with the right degreaser is the correct call. If you are looking to target oil stains, brighten your concrete, harden your concrete, or provide a protective layer, then Bio-Dry’s waterless concrete cleaner is the right call for you.


Bio-Dry’s waterless concrete cleaner is used on drive thrus, gas stations, parking lots, parking decks, dumpster pads, sidewalks and much more.