How to Clean Hydraulic Fluid from Asphalt

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Cleaning up hydraulic fluid from asphalt is a hot topic that seems to be getting hotter as the stay at home requirements keep more people at home and looking around their neighborhoods.


First absorb any spills. This is an important first step.

Second, once you have the majority gone or if you are dealing with leaking hoses and not major spills, use Bio-Dry’s Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner to get the asphalt back to normal. Use Bio-Dry’s waterless cleaner to absorb, seperate and breakdown hydraulic fluid.


Unmanaged hydraulic fluid on asphalt can take up to 2 years to lighten. In that time, it typically penetrates the asphalt and changes the mixture resulting in broken crumbled asphalt that must be removed and repaved.


With Bio-Dry’s Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner you can remediate and remove your stains quickly. Perform applications and cleanings in minutes. Stains typically take one or two cleanings for removal.

Make your clients and neighborhoods happy with Bio-Dry.


The video below shows a quick cleaning in a neighborhood.


Bio-Dry’s Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner is now available in 8 pound buckets and 45 pound containers.

The 8 pound container is perfect to keep on trucks to react immediately.

The 45 pound container is perfect to refill buckets or to react to larger or more frequent spills.