Drive Thru Traffic Increase by 11% During Coronavirus Pandemic

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According to Nation’s Restaurant News, traffic at quick serve restaurants is up at least 11% across the nation. With most restaurants closed to dine in options, the drive-thru or drive up has become the staple of businesses everywhere. With the increase of traffic comes the increase in dirty areas on the exterior of the building. People are looking for any reason to leave their houses and still feel safe. Leaving to grab food is a popular option for the family that just needs to get out.

With restaurants feeling the pinch from the reduction in overall sales, each dollar is becoming more and more important. What kind of experience are your customers seeing when they pull through the drive thru areas?

We know from recent studies that 52% of customers have avoided a business completely because it looked dirty from the outside and 95% say the exterior appearance is important in their selection.

So, what can you do to improve the appearance when cars are leaking more and more oil and other fluids in the path? Luckily BIO-DRY’s waterless concrete cleaner is an easy safe solution that’s quick and easy to apply. Get an instantly better looking drive thru area with brighter uniform looking concrete without the safety hazards of slick oil stains. Applies in minutes without expensive equipment. Apply and leave to continue working.

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