How Much Does A Commercial Pressure Washing Set Up Cost?

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How much does a commercial pressure washing set up cost? That’s similar to asking how much a car might cost. While that price can range from $5,000 – $75,000, most people end up with a trailer in the $10,000-15,000 range to get what they want.

If you are just starting off or looking to add a second crew to your operation, that can be a huge cost in graduating from your $300 Home Depot special and you hope you get it right.

Add in the maintenance cost of keeping the product working, registration fees, gas and oil fees, storage and you start talking yourself out of growing your business.

We hear this often as people are looking to grow, but are a little cash strapped and fearful they end up with the wrong set up.

If you are looking to add commercial flatwork, like drive thrus, gas stations, parking decks, parking lots and HOAs, BIO-DRY can help you grow your business in an alternative way.

Our waterless concrete and asphalt cleaners are an excellent way to grow your business without the crazy costs. Our products are used annually on thousands of locations across the country. The end result is a safer product, less damage to property, a faster process, and with minimal equipment. In fact, most of our clients already have the tools they need in their trucks, sheds and garages.

Would you rather spend $15,000 on a new trailer set up, or less than $700 to get our full new business start up package that includes asphalt and concrete cleaning, but also opens a new avenue for you in lawn painting, with virtually no maintenance costs to you. Looking to start slower and lower? Most people start off with our waterless concrete cleaner to service commercial concrete areas like drive thrus and gas stations.


Find out today how BIO-DRY can help you grow your business.