It’s 2020. Time to Grow Your Business by Adding New Revenue Streams

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It’s 2020. Considered perfect site, 20/20. Do you have a perfect view of how you will grow your service business this year? Let Bio-Dry help you grow. As always, our waterless oil cleaners for concrete and asphalt are our top products. And with good reason. If you are a pressure washing company or in the service industry, adding treatments for driveways, neighborhoods, or businesses can easily expand your business this year. The best part is the tools needed are minimal, so no $20,000 rig to buy and maintain. That makes it much easier for you to expand your business without up front costs.


A second way that is starting to catch on across the nation is using our TURN-IT GREEN lawn paint. This is the time a lot of the country sees grass go dormant and in to ugly brown. Using our easy to use safe TURN-IT GREEN lawn paint, you can instantly turn lawns to a vibrant green. Great for attracting customers to businesses and buyers to home. Now is a great time to introduce this added service to your business. Then, when drought hits and water restrictions are everywhere, you will be the first company in mind where lawn painting is cheaper than paying for sprinklers.


So, go ahead and get started today. Find our product here at or give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.