Continuing Your Pressure Washing Contract Over the Winter

It’s cold outside. Shorts and flip flops are gone. Hello winter and all of your ice. This is the time of year we hear from a lot of guys in the pressure washing world.


Those great weekly, bi-weekly or monthly contracts are put on hiatus due to water freezing.


Regardless if you are using hot water or cold water, there is a great chance that it will not dry off fast enough to pressure wash when nightly temperatures dip below freezing. The result is a slick, slippery thin ice patch waiting for someone to fall on in the morning. And that could mean big money to you between lawsuits and missed business.

So, what options do you have to continue those service contracts during the winter?

  1. Chance it and hope for the best
  2. Stop, collect no money and watch a lot of tv
  3. Use Bio-Dry’s Concrete Cleaner and Asphalt Cleaners to continue your contract throughout the winter.

Our products are waterless. This means the ice and slip hazard are removed. Our products leave a great uniform look and help work below the surface. Most importantly, they can be used in the winter months at any temperature. No worries about what you are leaving behind.


Interested in learning more? Contact us or find our products here: winter pressure washing products