Is there really money in Painting Lawns?

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Painting lawns or painting grass does seem really strange. While it has been around for years, Turn It Green is another new wave product from BIO-DRY. We started with our patented waterless oil stain removal products and still receive plenty of confused looks. After explaining the process is safer and better than simply blasting with water, it makes sense, just like dry cleaning clothes.

So, how does lawn paint play in to this? Seems a little hard to understand at first? Maybe. But in reality, it is a great option to get a knockout lawn instantly. We use non-toxic, non-fertilizer lawn paint that is perfectly safe for you, your children, your pets and your grass. Once dry, it is safe to walk on and won’t transfer to traffic.

That’s good, but how can I make money with it? Simple. There are several options. As always, touch-ups are extremely easy. Nice way to hide brown spots from Rover and Fido. But, the larger and bigger jobs come when the full yard is painted. During times of drought, this is an excellent option, especially in HOAs that require lawn maintenance. The cost of the service is usually less than the normal water bill to keep the sprinklers going.

Another great option is in the real estate market. Studies have proven that curb appeal does indeed help determine the price of the home. In some cases from 4-10% of the total value. That is a lot of money in most cases, and FAR exceeds the cost. Think about it. The first impression is made when visiting the house and you have to start outside. Which looks better, a brown yard, a mixed brown and green yard or a lush full color yard?

So, how hard is it to paint a lawn? Rule #1. Don’t perform during a hurricane. Ok, so, we are really talking about rain and wind. The grass will need to be dry and also have time to dry. This can vary from 15 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the sunlight, temp and other areas. Secondly, you are applying a very fine mist of colorant. High winds may send this somewhere you don’t want it to go. In general, have a way to block off the areas you don’t want painted, like sidewalks and driveways and you’ll be fine. By going around “most” of the perimeter first you can use cardboard or towels to block as you go. Then go back through a fill in afterwards. Just don’t paint around you or you will have to wait for it to dry to cross.

As for what tools to use, is up to you. you will need several gallons of water to mix with the concentrate. So, how big of an area, how many lawns you are painting and your time and speed can play a part. A gallon pump sprayer is the low end. A backpack sprayer can be used in most cases. A wheeled sprayer can be used in larger cases and a full truck loaded sprayer set up similar to a pest control set up can get you zipping from house to house in no time.

Have a question on how to get started or other areas, contact us at to find out more.

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