Spring Cleaning is Officially Here

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Spring Cleaning season is finally here. With it comes a time of cleaning indoors and out. We typically see an uptick in requests for services and products around the country as the snow is finally gone and it’s time to improve the appearance of properties. With the heat comes expanding hoses and thinner liquids that seep out of cars and on to concrete and asphalt.

One area most people don’t think about is the long term damage that can happen from oil, grease, hydraulic fluid, or other fluids can do to your concrete and asphalt. While the initial spill is ugly, smelly, and a huge safety risk, the long term effects can cause costly problems later on.


For Concrete, impurities in the fluids can eat away at your concrete, helping to cause holes and more importantly, causing cracks which usually turn in to weeds, moss and loose particles. Ultimately, crack filler will work short term, but removal and replacement is the only true fix. Luckily, we can help you save your concrete with our simple patented waterless concrete cleaner.


In asphalt, the oil is very similar in makeup to the asphalt bitumen that it easily bonds in to the asphalt causing the bitumen ratio to be off balance and breaks away the asphalt. It is important to stop it when it starts. Our Asphalt cleaner and conditioner is a great product to help clean the ugly stains, while hardening the asphalt to prolong its life.


For hydraulic, oil, diesel, and other spills, our Asphalt Special Blend Cleaner is a good product to help. We see this used a lot for trash trucks bursting hydraulic lines and HOAs ordering to improve the neighborhood appearance. Typically the wet fluid is cleaned up first and then our product is used to help improve the look and strength of the asphalt.