This is a question we get often.  Fortunately, this is something we can answer.  Time is key, but a game plan for removing oil from concrete is most important.

First – react as soon as possible.  With almost anything, immediate action is important.  Use a cheap absorbent that is easily available first.  This may be as simple as a paper towel, a cloth rage, or sponges.  

Now, if you were able to absorb some, good job.  If you just found the stain and it is set in, you will have a little more work, but can still follow the same process.

If there is a layer of sludge on top, get past it.  Usually a floor scraper or a wire brush can help.  if you are using a wire brush and the build up is sticking, add some BIO-DRY Concrete Cleaner to the top to help with sticking.

Once you are down to the concrete level, apply BIO-DRY Concrete Cleaner to the stain.  Depending on the size of the stain, you can use a fine bristle broom or down to a simple paint brush.  The key is to work the cleaner into the stain.  Keep sweeping until the cleaner is worked in to the pores and into the stain.  

Driveway Oil Stain

If you see the cleaner turn dark, it has absorbed as much as it can and should be removed for best results.  Next, reapply more BIO-DRY Concrete Cleaner to the area.  If the cleaner becomes dark quickly, keep repeating this step.

Once you are past this initial cleaning, you most likely have removed over 50% of the stain.  Continue to re-apply the BIO-DRY Concrete Cleaner to the stain weekly until the stain is gone.  For better results, use a wire brush to help agitate the stain and allow it to break free from the concrete at a faster rate.

No water is needed.  The cleaner can stay in place as it breaks down naturally.  Unless it is fully absorbed, there is no need to blow away, vacuum, or sweep away the BIO-DRY Concrete Cleaner.  The time driven microbial formula will continue to absorb, emulsify, and breakdown the stains.

With each application, the product is able to go deeper into the concrete to absorb and attack the oil or other harmful hydrocarbons.

Find BIO-DRY Concrete Cleaner Here:  Concrete Cleaner  

BIO-DRY Concrete Cleaner works on motor oil, diesel, hydraulic fluid, grease, gasoline and more.  Additionally, BIO-DRY Concrete Cleaner picks up other contaminants along the way to clean and protect your concrete.

BIO-DRY Concrete Cleaner is a good choice for driveways, drive thrus, parking lots, parking decks, toll plazas, entrances, and any other concrete area where oil is dropped from visiting cars.