BIO-DRY’s Waterless concrete and asphalt cleaners are designed to clean and break down oil stains

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Our waterless cleaners have 3 parts to help destroy oil stains:

  1. Absorption – we use ultrafine materials as small as 5 microns in size to get down in to the pores of the concrete and help absorb deeper
  2. Emulsification – we use surfactants to help break oil away from concrete deep in the pores to get concrete cleaner.
  3. Bacteria – we use bacteria specifically designed for hydrocarbons that continue to produce more colonies for at least one week.  Over 4 billion colony forming units per pound to be exact.

BIO DRY Before and After CU

Common Questions You May Have

Are these cleaners competition for my pressure washing business?

Absolutely not.  We work with thousands of pressure washing, property service and landscaping companies across the country.  Our focus is oil and other hydrocarbon stains in concrete and asphalt.  Our product is designed to get below the surface where pressure washing gets on the surface.  more importantly, the bacteria in BIO-DRY’s cleaners breaks down and remediates the oil so you don’t have to worry about reclaiming water as required by the EPA’s Clean Water Act.

Pressure washing in a cold environment or during a drought?  Our cleaners are an excellent substitute to keep you getting paid without the hassles of water freezing or drought usage worries.

How can I make money with BIO-DRY’s cleaners at commercial locations?

BIO-DRY’s cleaners are a great safe alternative that can be used on drive thru lanes, gas stations, parking decks, parking lots, hydraulic hose break clean ups and much more.  Generally the BIO-DRY cleaners can be applied faster and easier than flat work pressure washing.  In some instances, you can now double your crew’s productivity.  One person can perform vertical work while the second can perform flatwork without additional costly tools or a second trailer.

How can I make money with BIO-DRY’s cleaners at residential locations?

Americans spill 180 million gallons of oil every year.  Think about how much of that ends up on driveways.  In most cases, the application time is less than 5 minutes for a residential oil stain.  If you are a weekly landscaping company or are all over the area, you could return to treat easily and without customer interaction without even needing to turn off your truck.  By having a container on your truck, you can pocket easy money in add-on services when pressure washing houses.  Other companies offer an application at the end of the driveway cleaning.  So, after pressure washing the driveway and allowing time to surface dry, a very thin layer is applied to the entire driveway (along with ad added cost to the invoice) allowing it to help penetrate remaining stains and brighten the driveway in the process.

What does it do?

Our cleaners target the oil stains by attaching to the oil and grease and molecularly breaking up the carbon chains to loosen and clean the surface through the process of bio-remediation.  Additionally, they help absorb other spills, provide a barrier for gum, and help protect from below the surface.

Do I blast it off with my pressure washer?

No.  Once you apply it, you just simply leave it in place to continue the absorption and breaking down.  Some will be attached to hydrocarbon stains, some will be removed by the elements, some will work farther down into the pores and some will stay in place. Afterall, the bacteria will continue to work for at least 1 week.

Where can I buy these products?

you can find our products available at or call your sales rep.  Our most popular item is this: Waterless Concrete Cleaner 45 pound Container

How do I apply it?

it’s quite simple.  You apply the powder cleaner and simply sweep the product over the area until absorbed into the oil and other hydrocarbon stains with the other areas being pushed in to the pores.   Watch the videos below for techniques on larger commercial applications.

How much do applicator tools cost?

No fancy tools here.  For best results, a fine flagged broom is ideal for a smooth appearance.  However, most push brooms are serviceable and smaller stains can be as simple as a paint brush being used.

Are you telling me this is a purple unicorn or a magic bullet?

Purple unicorn maybe, but not a one time magic bullet.  To fully remove an oil stain, more than one application is expected.  We see tremendous removal after the first application, but to be most effective additional applications are expected to help get farther down in to the concrete and more bacteria to further break down the hydrocarbon chains.  This can be discussed up front and either be built in to your cost for a return trip, or a portion given to the site owner to apply.  We do have several applicators that have very happy customers from only one application.

Will it absorb water?

Yes and no.  It will initially absorb water, but will dry out.  No worries about adhering to concrete or being used up by rain.  The products dry back out and are ready to work on oil and other hydrocarbons.

Watch Bio-Dry Work

Gas Station Application

Bank Drive Thru Cleaning Application


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