Wilmington and surrounding areas.  Improve the look of your property safely and effectively.

Wilmington’s #1 Specialty Cleaning and Improvement Service.

Residential Commercial Industrial


52% of Customers Have Avoided A Business Because It Looked Dirty From The Outside

Homes can sell for as much as 12% more and faster with a green lawn.

Waterless Oil Stain Cleaning

– Uses Rare Earth Minerals and Colony Forming Bacteria to Break Down and Remediate Hydrocarbons Safely

Graffiti, Rust and Paint Removal

– Chemical Free Cleaning

– Uses Negative Pressure to Remove Graffiti, Rust, Mold, Smoke, Paint and More, even on Delicate Surfaces.


Gum Removal Cleaning

– Uses a Non-Toxic Steam Solution to Evaporate Gum Spots without Extra Water or Mess

– Low noise and safe to use around customers

Turf Painting

– Uses a Non-Toxic Pigment Based Colorant to Improve Appearance without the need for sprinklers, saving money.

– Great in Winter and during Droughts

Graveyard / Tombstone Cleaning

– We use non-toxic, bleach free cleaners and negative pressure cleaning to provide the best level of cleaning without disturbance.

Hydraulic Fluid Cleaning

– Save your asphalt from accidents.

– Safe, time driven process to remove harmful stains.

Additional Services

• ATM / Gas Pump Cleaning• Graffiti removal
• VAT Chute Cleaning• Touch Up Safety Posts/Island Paint
• Night Deposit Box Cleaning • Dumpster Odor Control
• Teller Window / Drive Up Window Cleaning • Trash Pick up
• Under Canopy Web Removal• Concrete/Asphalt Crack Fill/Repair
• First Floor Window Cleaning • Asphalt patch
• Lower Signage Cleaning • Front door/door cleaning/polishing
• Parking Lot Spaces Cleaning • Moss, Mildew, Algae Removal
• ATM/Gas Pump Card Skimmer Check• Touch Up Parking Spot Lines
• Sticker Removal• Sign Cleaning
• Perimeter Check – Checklist/Report• Grass spot greening
• Dumpster pad cleaning• Limestone / Tombstone Cleaning
• QR Code/Logo Engraving• And Much More

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