BIO-DRY Multi Surface Cleaner 40 Bottle Super Concentrate


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BIO-DRY’s new MULTI SURFACE CLEANER SUPER CONCENTRATE packs a lot of punch in a small container. Makes 40 32 oz spray bottles or 10 gallons.

Multi Surface Cleaner is easy to use and works on:


Stainless Steel

Painted Metals




and other Hard Surfaces


The Super Concentrate makes 40 bottles of product. That’s only about $1 per bottle for all that power and saves the landfill cost and space of storing all those bottles. Just add water and three scoops of product to make an easy to use bottle.

Works great on cleaning concrete, trash cans, gas pumps, VAT chutes, ATMS, Drive Thru Menu In-casements, signs, bike racks, tables, chairs, and much more.

How to Use:

1 – Mix 32 oz of water with 3 scoops of BIO-DRY Multi Surface Cleaner. Shake well.

2 – Spray area with the hardest stream setting and allow to penetrate dirt.

3 – Rinse with Water.

4 – Repeat steps 2 and 3 until dirt is gone. Then wipe clean.


Multi Surface Cleaner can also be used in a gallon sprayer. Mix 12 scoops with one gallon of water for larger jobs such as coffee and soda stains on concrete.




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