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Bio-Dry Concrete Cleaner 1LB Size


The best concrete cleaner that's easy to apply and environmentally friendly. Clean driveway oil stains, protect against oil drips, and maintain your concrete.

Easy to apply, perfect for cleaning driveway oil stains
Environmentally friendly
Looks better and lasts longer than pressure washing or alternative cleaning methods
One pound of Bio-Dry concrete cleaner cleans up to 400 sq ft
Spreads 25% further than other similar products

Product Description

Our concrete cleaner in the 1 pound size is perfect for cleaning your driveway oil stains. If your car or truck drips oil on your concrete driveway, using Bio-Dry regularly can help keep it looking clean and prevent future drips from taking hold.

Clean Driveway Oil Stains and protect from future drips

Bio-Dry attacks petroleum based stains and protects your concrete driveway from future driveway oil stains. Our patented green cleaning products are packaged in easy to use containers. From the smallest 1lb size to the 45lb Contractor Box, we have the right size for your job. Clean your driveway oil stains with Bio-Dry concrete cleaner.

Get Professional Results when cleaning driveway oil stains with Bio-Dry

It’s as easy as working Bio-Dry powder into the oil stain and leaving it to do the work for you. Concrete is a porous material and Bio-Dry actually gets into those pores to pull the oils out, breaking them up into nontoxic organic byproducts. When the oil stains turn white and stays that way the product has saturated the oils and will start to break them down.
When and if the stain reappears, retreat the area again and if necessary use a wire brush to really work the product into the stain. For best results, you’ll also want to use our Bio-Dry concrete cleaning broom which has special, finer bristles to apply our concrete cleaner as suggested and get the best results when solving your driveway oil stain problem.

An environmentally friendly solution for driveway oil stains

Bio-Dry’s waterless concrete cleaner is 100% environmentally friendly. Traditional methods of pressure washing with degreasers and harsh chemicals can create a serious environmental impact due to water and chemical runoff.


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