What is the Fleet Club?

    BIO-DRY created the Fleet Club especially for Fleet Managers. Receive special discounted pricing on our waterless concrete and asphalt cleaners to help keep you out of trouble when on the go.      

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BIO-DRY’s waterless cleaners are

  1. Easy to use
  2. Require almost no time and
  3. Are environmentally safe.

Avoid customer complaints or heavy fines. You have enough to worry about. You shouldn’t be spending time dealing with headaches from oil drips.

Driveway Oil Stain

BIO-DRY’s waterless concrete and asphalt cleaners work on oil, diesel, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, and all other harmful hydrocarbons.

BIO-DRY’s Cleaners work in 3 ways:

  1. Absorbs the oil stain
  2. Breaks the oil away from the concrete or asphalt
  3. Breaks down the oil in to harmless CO2 and water over time using bacteria

In most cases, you can just apply and go, not ever worrying about having to return. This saves you time and your department’s bottom line.    

Join the BIO-DRY FLEET CLUB today!