BIO-DRY’s MULTI SURFACE CLEANER Cleans Better than Competitors at a Fraction of the Cost

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BIO-DRY is happy to roll out the new Multi Surface Cleaner. An effective cleaner without the effective cost. The Multi Surface Cleaner can be used on hard surfaces such as plastic, stainless steel, painted metals, floors, and you guessed it, concrete.

It cleans stains from diesel (pictured), grease, coffee, soda, grit and grime. Just spray on, allow to penetrate, rinse with water and wipe clean.


What’s better is the price. The super concentrate packs a powerful punch and the 1.25 pound package can make up to 40 full size spray bottles or 10 gallons in a pump sprayer. On sale right now for about $1 per bottle. Plus, you save storage space and create less waste in bottles.


Find the product and videos of it in use here:


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